Greenway High School Drum Line – Practicing Solo for NAU Band Day

Posted: November 3, 2012 in Drum Videos

This video is a short clip showing the Greenway High School Drum Line practicing a solo for NAU Band Day. Brett Frederickson directs the Drum Lines for Moon Valley HS & Greenway HS. In October 2012, High School Bands from across the state performed at the NAU band day competition. Both Moon Valley & Greenway received D-Line Captions.

A D-Line Caption explained:
This caption is given to the two (2) best drum lines during the competition. Judging is based on PERFORMANCE (tempo, control, technique, phrasing, and tuning); REPERTOIRE (composition, creativity & variety, skill, and appropriateness); EFFECT (communication of musical intent, staging, and visual contribution to the band).

**CONGRATULATIONS to both drum lines! I’m proud of you and proud to be your teacher! Mr. Brett

Drum Line Solo written and directed by Brett Frederickson – drum teacher and owner of Drummers Rule Drum Lessons.

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