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Drumming Tip #1 – REPETITION!

You would be AMAZED how many problems in drumming come from one little “Secret”…. Like to know what it is?

The secret is REPETITION…

Most young drummers (and even some old ones) underestimate the importance of this word.  Many simple problems are solved relatively easily by incorporating this one little secret.

PROBLEM #1: My arms tire while playing for long periods of time. 
FIX: REPETITION! Practice single strokes for LONG periods of time. Get them EXTREMELY fast to where they become “very” comfortable. If the rest of your technique is relatively good, your arms will not tire after that.


PROBLEM #2: My feet are slow and can’t do half the things my hands do. 
FIX: REPETITION! Isolate your feet and practice nothing but them for extended periods of time. Play the samba bass drum rhythm “allot”. That’s always been a good one for getting your right foot in shape.

PROBLEM #3: I can’t play in odd time signatures.
FIX: REPETITION.! Vinnie Colauita once said, “Just play in 7 for like an hour”. This is especially insightful as we can often get caught up in studying things too closely and miss the point. Sheer repetition will help lead to more comfort in odd times.

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PROBLEM #4: I can’t do a proper double stroke roll to save my life. 
FIX: REPETITION! Play that thing slowly, properly, and for “long” periods of time, while gradually increasing your speed. DO NOT CHEAT. Make yourself do intentional, defined doubles. Chart your progress by playing to 16th’s on a metronome. In no time at all, you’ll be GETTING IT.

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