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Bucket Drumming!

Posted: July 12, 2014 in Drum Videos

Can’t afford a Drum Set? No worries, you could always use Buckets! Remember what I’ve said in the past, that Technique is Technique regardless if you’re playing on a coffee table (hard surface) or a pillow (soft surface). Also, coordination is coordination, keep practicing no matter what you’re playing on. So, let’s see what technique sounds like on a bucket!

This short video features a drummer, Gordo, from Sydney Australia who does many ‘bucket’ performances.To get more on Gordo, visit his Facebook page at

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Brett Frederickson teaches how to play a Rute Solo on a drum set. This is the second video in a 2 part series. Brett is playing an improvised solo on his Yamaha Set with Vic Firth 505 rutes.

This video was filmed with two cameras, one moving and the other stationary, and the Audio is combined from both cameras. No Edits or cuts were made to the Audio in this video, and it is played at normal speed.

Brett Frederickson, owner and teacher of Drummers Rule! at, offers affordable drum lessons in Phoenix Arizona.

Brett Frederickson is a drum teacher based in Phoenix, AZ who teaches for a living. He has a degree in Music Performance from the Musicians Institute of California, taught drum line for 15 years, has opened up several drum clinics for musicians like David Garbaldi, Ken Mary, and Ray Riendeau, plus doing many clinics himself.