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Drum Hand Techniques

Posted: August 29, 2015 in Drum Videos

A look into the different hand techniques for both drum set and drum line. Enjoy!

Mr. Brett

A look into my past…

Posted: August 15, 2015 in Drum Videos

Fellow Drummers,

I recently came across an individual frustrated with my bio in my Craigslist posts. Accusations were made that I was providing false information.

First, I would like to say, I’m really honored that someone would look into and research my background. Second, I encourage anyone who has questions about me to come ask me directly. So, below is my response to clear up any confusion, address concerns and give some insight into my past, including Megadeth — thank you.

During my senior year of high school in Windom, Minnesota, I played in a band called Killers. Our band was comprised of David Ellefson, Greg Handevidt, Jerry Giefer and myself. Jerry and I would go to Jackson, Minnesota to practice at David Ellefson’s farm. Afterward, we moved to California to attend Musicians Institute. Megadeth LogoLater, Greg & David dropped out of MI, and met David Mustane and started the band Megadeth. I began playing with them November of 1983. I only played with them for a short time and never got the chance to tour or record an album with them. I was wrapped up in school (MI) and work and chose to step down. A decision I’ve looked back on many times, but grateful for the path God has me on. Since then, I have gone back stage at their concerts about 4 times (including one time when they were Vic and the Rattle Heads.)

Regarding the other people whom I’ve listed in my bio, please note that I have played with them in studios, on albums or live. My favorite CD I that I performed on was Omnidirectional with Scotty Mishoe. Of the numerous gigs that I played with bands, my favorite group was a jazz fusion band called Wicket Kickit (see pic below), then Hot Tracks, Trilogy, F8 and many more. I played gigs fairly consistently until 2005 and now prefer just to play church gigs.Wickit Kickit

It was mentioned ‘those who can’t play, teach’, when (honestly) those who can’t make a good living at teaching have to play. I promise you that it’s harder to teach a student 4 to 7 yrs and get him to college than it is to play a top 40 or country gig in your local bars. I am proud of the fact that many of my students have received scholarships to major music universities. In the last two years alone, Kenny Harmon and Gabrial Deshey received scholarships to Berkeley School of Music. I firmly believe that these accomplishments are a direct result of my students’ ability to read, write and study different styles and meters. In my personal situation, I chose to teach vs play due to the fact that I place a huge emphasis on family. When I found that I could continue doing something that I love along with spending quality time with my family, I jumped on the opportunity. Due to this decision, I have been happily married for 27 years. Also, my daughter has graduated from ASU and my son is a senior there (studying micro and cellular biology). They both share my love of music and in addition to his heavy course load, my son also maintains over 20 guitar students of his own.

As a younger drummer, my perspective was that of many young musicians, wondering how the ‘greats’ became so good but appeared to never of had lessons. I had the opportunity to attend a Dennis Chamber dennis chambersClinic which was an awesome experience. I remember a question was asked if Chamber’s could read music or ever took a lesson. His response was “NO”. I then asked Dennis how he got so good. His answer was that his mother worked at Motown and he was always there, so when the greats came in to work, (like PHILLY JOE JONES) they would show him styles and he would practice like crazy. His comment “Oh yeah, I guess that would be lessons” brought a good laugh from the attendees. Overall, it was truly a great clinic.

Last but not least, I have done drum clinics opening for Ken Mary and once for David Garibaldi. I am endorsed by Yamaha, Aquarian, Zildjian and Vic Firth (and I am also sponsored by Roland). I’m also on Zildjian’s website under Education. Ultimately, I love to teach. God has blessed me with the ability to play and teach and I find that teaching is so much more rewarding–that is why I have taught thousands of lessons and hundreds of students in my life (including 20 years or drumline, in which I have won many captions).

Please fact check me or contact me directly. I would be happy to talk with you.

Thank you,
Brett Frederickson

Brett Frederickson Pic